Online Publications

Medianett’s portfolio encompasses a suite of online publications, all related to the theme of specialist finance and mostly of a B2B nature.

In 2008, the collection started with what is now the renowned Bridging & Commercial (B&C). The title documents activity in the short-term and specialist finance markets, with a focus on lenders. B&C’s sister publication, Bridging & Commercial Distributor, focuses on other vital players in those niche markets, including packagers, distributors, lawyers and valuers. Our efforts to educate the broker community resulted in the launch of Bridging Advisor, a purely informative title with content centred on tips, guides and resources for the successful intermediary. Today’s Landlord, the group’s only direct to consumer publication, is aimed at professional landlords and predominantly covers news affecting the buy-to-let and rental sector.

The second charge mortgage market has soared over the past few years and with it, Loan Talk has grown. Serving intermediaries specialising in secured loans, this publication is on the pulse of all that is happening in this burgeoning area of finance. As well as running our own online titles, Medianett also manages the media output of certain well-known brands, including the Association of Bridging Professionals (AOBP), the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB), Debt Management Today and the Finance Professional Show.